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Joyce Alia

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        For my safety and rights as well as yours. Money exchanged is for my time and companionship services only......Anything
        else that may or may not occur is a matter of personal choice between two consenting adults of legal age, and is not con- 
        tracted for, nor is it requested to be contracted for any other matter. This is not an offer of prostitution and calling, email- 
        ing, speaking, writing, word of or any other forms of communication to or with me constitutes acceptance of these terms.

        Legal Referendum to Services of VIPAllexus.com and PlaymateJoyce.com  for Client and Law Personnel
        Use of services to be acknowledged prior, during and after such:
        No photos, filming, recording or transmitting visual or audio of entertainer: Any such must be agreed upon prior with contract. Any such
        done so without such shall pay starting 1 million dollars every six hours up to 1 billion; plus hourly rate per every hour thereafter such
        was done so. Immediate possibility thought or questioning by entertainer is not equal to contract. and may be in collection to provide
        continued evidence with continued time or engagements.
        2) Entertainer may equally exploit private information of client in Equality to any style (face, body. etc) for false misleading statements
        photos taken of entertainer, phone number, name given and email address for web distribution. If no such photos exist at time of
        exploitation, and later will and can still be done in equality as entertainer has a right to show oneself as they choose in general at anytime.
        Revenge for having a right to who entertainer sees and chooses not to later, or competition by other's can fall into this category.
        3) Solicitation of sexual activity or creating suspicion comments by/in: Phone calls, emails, texts  or any other forms or postings can have their
        name and phone number exploited on this site at entertainers choice of doing.
        All the above offenses done upon entertainer are criminal in that they are fight starting; mental anguish and suffrage, fraud of services
        promoting, defamation, slander, exploitation, breaking contract, and any such more not listed.
        Any and all law personal are subject to all of above and can not prove necessary for any offensive actions above and are also punishable.
        If they are not, then furthering then crime; can equal greater force and we know what that is called.
        This business can be a beautiful, knowledgeable thing and then there are the dirty trash that keep on keeping it up. I do believe it will end at
        some point. Those that try to say it never will, have a high percentage of being one of them to cover and keep on being trash that hurts a lot
        of good people. Client type or fake law on discussion sites; as such cont...below...
        I do not support stings that seduce anyone into technicalities or fear in order to give in for them to make money. They are a disgrace and an
        Abomination to this country, women - equality, peaceful wisdom, love goals, experimentation, self image and knowing who you really are,
        match making, healthy relations, the best in being men and women with keeping peace with one another in community with the best of
        intelligence for and with each other. Promotes rape, murder, torture, immoral activity in minds vs healthy, trafficking, black mail, etc. and
        teaches the fearing to attack and abuse those that are higher of knowledge than themselves and look like evil pig idiots, as history shows ;
        the stake burner - the most ignorant evil pig of all... Pardon me for having to use these words and descriptions to show the such, but true.

        More Continued of Human Rights per LAW PERSONNEL abuse and other individual acting against Entertainer as a PERSON.

       Terms of Companionship Fee:  It is a Flat fee only. Gift, compensation gift, donation, rate, allowance, fee, etc. are all acceptable terms.

         If gift is presented or acknowledged at any other time than beginning, by laxness, it is still Always, for open blank periods of time.     
         I generally 'knight' it as a time gift fee to verify but if laxness occurs, again - it is still for open companionship of time, Always.

         And; No prostitution offered or accepted: Any currency accepted by me will be done so for open time periods, or if a separate personal
         gift only. As rightful, free people: Any intimacy, if it so shall occur during our time, can only be by mutual choice.

         A. - Any discussion, during our existence together or after, of future intimacy towards a future appointment, from natural desire or fore-
         thoughts, shall or will not be interpreted or accepted as in agreement or offer of: prostitution or exchange per Time Fee; Or, without any
         expenditure exchange, as if without still mutual consensual fate choice.

 - Anyone who goes against human desire fore-thought discussion and tries to enforce claim of intimacy for time fee; Or, Time period 
         against mutual consent fate without time fee: 1. Will only be the actor of prostitution act in their own mind, or 2. Conspiracy and Sexual
         harassment, or, 3. Immoral Violation of Human Rights to talk, discuss and dream equaling ownership of another human being- imprison
         ed with or without walls, psychological terrorization, physical associations, abduction's, sexual slavery by say so, premeditation, armed
         robbery, or, 4. All and more..... those with premeditation have 6 hours to deliver 1 million dollars to me, and every 6 hours next another,
         and continuing, repetitiously up to 1 billion total. You are also always as criminal by all actions used not upholding human rights, dis-
         crimination, invasion of privacy, exploitation, mental anguish, as if we are not all equal to emotion or feelings of equal torment as
         another... Suspicion and all activities: for 'protection of ones choices' that out weigh such 'choice or still rights', are not Justifiable.
         This means you will give me 1 million starting if you ever give a ticket or make an arrest for prostitution or disturbing the peace, or any
         other claims of crime or offense, with unnecessary crime committed to make claim of common and equal offense(s).  Premeditated
         approaching to instigate, create, ask  for prostitutional services, creating conversation to test, stimulate, or badger in public as I exist
         in human movement and personal time is also all subject to the 6 hour rule. Also know, you already are guilty of such crimes and can be
         up held for such at anytime. If I need to call law for any offense upon me and law asks if settlement made for sex for money, and any
         common person hears through door, wall, or standing by, you will also be subject by defamation of myself and exploitation. Any pros-
         stitutional offerings or talk also in the same way as offer, statements, or words over heard by fake client will equal all costs of relo-
         cation, and much more not written here, or at any place defamated as type of interacting by facts, not protecting ways and rights for
         living in peace. Thank You!

Approaching me in public: Don't. Any Law Personnel who act to solicit as if I am a 24/7 street walker and follow, sit, staulk, talk, make
         sexual hints, comments per clothing, looks, availability, looks, gestures, to pretend or think they can play games or have fun to solicit
         some how WILL PAY 1 million dollars and every six hours another million until 1 billion until payed if you do so in any which way EVEN
         if to make appointment for Human Rightful Time; as again per your force, power and the greater of such sufferage upon by AND BECAUSE
         THIS SAYS SO WITHOUT QUESTION by in which there needs no court proceedings to collect or challenge.

         Any filming, photos, transmitting is criminal and anyone doing or has done so will be sued and imprisoned by non corrupt constitution-
         lly correct law court, and by the people. Premeditation is as above starting with 6 hours delivery, etc. Anyone who has knowledge of
         photo taking, filming, transmitting and views any exploitation material or is also apart of its support knowing crime is being committed,
         or not reporting and letting it be dispersed. Under age exploitation is crime and At Age is crime; no age discrimination.

         Filming, photos, transmitting visually or audio must have a contract with me agreement and consensual. This includes all forms of living.
         Walking, talking, eating, breathing, private activities, etc. considered private and equal unto to all. Unknown is never acceptable for
         anyone for anything.

         I can also give you a receipt if you like for verification of amount and time.

       Fee Loss:

           Any inclined sexual activity/intimacy sought in promise, or using any slang acronyms of 'any' kind, or words like fun, adult,
           intimate, in Initial contact: can end phone call, email return, and gift fee loss at presentation as this may deem into the area of illegal
           prostitution; no fight or altercation;
for my safety and rights. You included.


        Point A. and B. still comply to a human personal conversation, thoughts and feelings - vs - quick brash question for answer.

    Six Hour Rule  Anyone: media, individual, of any kind or party who slanders, defamates, promotes, discusses verbally person to person
    or person or any other forms of say so: lies, incorrect assumptions, calculations, out of context made purposely, accidentally: again; with
    any communication as well as on the Internet; in any form that represents me by my name, aka name, fake name made not by aka
    the entertainer of this site aka Joyce Alia Cristall / Playmate or VIP Allexus . com with give without haste in first hour 1 million dollars,
    then every six thereafter another 1 million dollars up to 1 billion. This made clear by already information on this page and other pages on
    this site and compressed for quicker reading; as continued below has been available for years now to this date. aka media: radio, TV,
    Internet, written, person to person, mass's or small mean anyone in any way of doing so.

     LAWYER SCOUTS:Any lawyers who visit written sites, forum, chat, internet, tv, radio, newspaper, or any forms of communication who spot,
    question and verify with me/bring to my attention, and chose to collect, record, and prepare found and verified by me content to first put
    upon individual(s), collection of sums set per this contract, to acquire, and any necessary court proceedings, will get 10% at least per
    finding of such. I DO NOT visit boards and have not for a long time, I can also do so at any time to discover as well, what is suffrage
    and anarchy and non human rights as a citizen in this county and more so should do so per abuses upon them in this business. It is Crime. 
    INDEPTH http;// work may be necessary. Forum sites who post that people should act respectfully, moderators that keep on for their
    business look entertainment are fraudulent to new members as well.  Keeping on without Proof and showing posters words and make
    abused or lied about individual that has to write with letter stamped to remove keeps abuse slander up instead of off and deciding if it
    should show or continue after verified if any entertainers in this business are posted or talked about as to wrong doings, false descript-
    ions or activities. Thank you,


Exclusively for the fine executive, playboy and distinguished special gentleman who seeks to attain the very finest in prime company by spending time with an alluring female friend thus acquiring the grand affinity you pursue and desire.Hello and welcome! Whether you are in need of a companion as a personal private friend for conversation, dining or weekends or as a couple and by your side for outdoor concerts, business meetings, banquet or parties, I am a passionate soul who loves the truest of freedoms, the gentle invigoration of the outdoors and the finest pleasures in life. Beautiful blonde hair, high cheeks bones, soft lips,blue eyes that can read through you, for you...and, a body created by the symmetry of nature; along with self preservation, regeneration and articulate care. A sharp, fit and sexy, warm loving woman that loves to give and embody the beauty and fun of the High Life with only the best of company. Rochester airport is just minutes away from Joyce whein town on business for a day time lunch or warm, fulfilling, titillating and relaxing evening, Pre acquaintance in calls are only available prior to any possible outings, dining or get-a-ways.


New York escort Joyce Alia... Rochester, Elite Playmate...Joyce Alia of New York VIP Luxury Companion...Be mesmerized by the seduction of the true enigma of this exceptionally fine and pure, true in form enchanting woman. Selective to those of a few all around, casual sophistication and elite, comfortable lives would be of interest to her welcome for any private affairs of fine dining, shows, exotic relaxation and
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funds or perverse abuse of power by false attempt, badgerrment, creating false suspicion, taking out of context content to create questionable content that is as is to            
victimize an innocent, constitutionally correct, free and rightfully unique law abiding citizen will be given  no less than One Billion dollars for
calculated incidences configured following any such purposeful acts which the amount may be more or and or other forms of punishment             
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please contact Allexus @ VIPAllexus.com

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etaways. In calls only for pre acquaintance style meeting and for configuring compatibility and friendship prior to any possible outings, outcall or travel.

Confidential, Completely Independent, Private and Social Companion. ... I am a confident, passionate soul who loves the truest of freedoms, the gentle exhilaration of the outdoors and the finest pleasures in life. A warm, sensitive, understanding and gentile, intriguing creature who loves life's beauty, men and real gentlemen to enjoy life's wondrousness and adventure.

Private dining on your balcony over looking the twinkling, turquoise bay, hiking through green lush forests, private and social events of fine wine, champagne, rum chocolate and apricot mousse or pineapple and margarita filled Tahitian style festivities to melt and dance the night away... 

Please visit and read through my site before contacting for complete information, Thank you...Joyce